Saturday, January 10, 2009

The very few girls which made my day =) I miss you all =C

Have the urge to post a few random pics of me & my babes up suddenly. I have lots of friends but you girls are special among all =) I miss you girls lots, wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Thanks for being my friends babes =)

*Take note that the ordering of the picture doesn't represent who's the most important, who's the top, etc. I love them all dearly*

Introducing my darling: Cheah Sek Kee. Currently studying over in UK. Half more year till you're back for summer. More Jasmine tea ei darling? Green frog bags & stockings =P
Introducing my woman: Amelia Ho! Crazy fella but love her all the same. Serious, this picture remind me of the night. Flash back, the gossips & the hand-shaking ==" Let's meet next week if you're reading this & if you're not, I'll call you =P
Introducing my own angel: Angeline Chai. Always up for anything & everything, thanks for all the time you was there for me at all the weird hours & insomia nights!
Introducing hrmm this one, no nickname yet! Sook Lee! My yam-cha-gossip-emo-kaki. Always the two of us, always all the complicated situations. Get yourself out of the situation lar babe! Hmph. But I'll still fetch you to Sunway if you really want it *wink*
Introducing my sister: Jeanie Liew. Currently M.I.A due to Kenry Lo. Since I'm single, its better this way compare to me seeing you both lovey-dovey. Lol. Kidding. All the old-crazy-days.
Introducing my lougong: Chim Yee Yin. One more week till she's back. Get your ass back from Shanghai faster =P My first lesbian partner & only hubby =P She took my first kiss too, a kiss to ward off guys eh^^?
Introducing my dear: GillianNg! Out of words for her. She is just there when I need her & disturbingly there when I DON'T NEED her as well =)
Introducing my honey a.k.a my current official lesbian partner ==": Soo Siaw Vun. I wrote too much on her, so better not write anymore. Save it for my "declaration of love". Lol. She loves it =="

Actually this is really something very random but I really miss them lots. Some might be near to me, some might be far, but at this moment, all of them are in my mind & all the moments we went through are flashing through =) Thanks for being my friends =)

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