Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Old pictures eh?

Was busy deleting unwanted stuffs from my computer just now when I came across these pictures. These pictures was taken on my 2nd trip to Korea few years back with my family & some friends. Some of the pictures had gone haywire for unknown reason & most of it was already gone from my computer long time ago. I used to travel a lot when I was young to lots of places but these trips are getting lesser & lesser with my brother over in Melbourne, me busy with my studies and my family facing financial prob but I'm contented with all I have now & feeling grateful still with all the places I had been to in this short nineteen years of my life. I miss Italy lots =C Its still the favourite country among so many I had went to. I used to dream of going over to Italy to study but well, it costs quite a lot & I'm required to study Italian in order to enter most of the unis. Well, that was just a dream of mine.

Uh uh. Pictures of me 3-4 years back, I can't remember when ==" Anyhow, big difference from the pictures taken during my first trip to Korea. The second one was way better =P I get to do lots that I wasn't allowed to do the first time I was there. Haha. And lots of silly stuffs my friends made me do too =="

I look so happy with the snow. I was wondering why I was so happy. Can't remember. But I remember what happen next, snow-ball-fighting-session! Whee!
This is one of the distorted picture. Didn't know what happen to it. Me & Yen & Ling posing =) They made my day =)
3 of us again. We were actually pretty tired. Woke up early in the morning to walk up this freaking mountain & it was really slippery with all the frost. Yen did managed to slip & fall =X
Familiar huh? I don't know who he is but I guess you can see his face all over in Malaysia now at Faceshop outlets. At that time, faceshop wasn't open in Malaysia yet. Haha. Retarded me with retarded pose =="
I remember going into this store where they stick all koreans stars poster up & tourist use to go up to their favourite actors or actress to leave their signature. You can see all of it filled up with scribble & signatures. I didn't know why would they want to do that. I thought fans want the signature of their actor & actress. Why sign on their face?

Haha. I look retarded few years back & still is now!

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siawvun said...

Loook at your old pics ..Hmm.. It make me recall back my trip to korea few years ago... It was nice n fun!! yea.. i miss that time!!