Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm not going to Melbourne any time soon. I'm sorry.

Looking around me, I find many people out there do take things for granted. In a way, they think life should be "that" way and all they have is what they should have. I see kids everyday demanding for this & that, never truly appreciating the things they have & be satisfied with what they have. Maybe this is what we call life. You'll never be truly satisfied with all you have, but at least, give it a try. Be more satisfied, if not truly satisfied.

Each & everyone of us were born with nothing, so were our parents. The lucky ones *or it might also be consider as unlucky which depends on which point of view you're seeing through* might be born with rich parents with plenty of money & is able to give you all the luxuries you want & provides you with the best of everything & with still enough money for your next generation or you might be born with parents who have nothing at all *like I say, it really depends on your thought to feel who's the lucky one & who's the unlucky one* but one thing is for sure, we are all born as equal, with nothing of our own besides our body & life that God gives us & it is up to us on how we want to spend our life. Not all rich-pampered kids are spoilt-brats & not all poor kids are hardworking. And never forget, no matter who we are, we got the power to love. All of us are equal to love and be loved.

My plans are changing as time passes by. My family's financial problem is getting worst & this time, I had made my decision to post-pone my studies to Melbourne. I'm sorry to those I promised, the promise of me in Melbourne with all of you, the promise I'm going to break. Sometime, unexpected do happen but I do believe that if you're my friend, you'll support my decision to keep my family accompanied & not going all the way to Melbourne to burden their current financial state even more. Some might question me, "Is things really that bad?". For that question, I've no answer because from my point of view, this is not what I call a bad. At least, I still have my family with me & for that I'm contented. Things might get even worst this year, or it might turn around and start moving to the brighter side. Who knows? But for now, the most important thing is that my dad *who's the only breadwinner in the family* stays strong & not let all this down-moments & stress affect his health. I can see how all this thing had affected his healthy physically & mentally & I hope that my decision to stay in Malaysia & at the same time, moving back home *yes I no longer stay in Sunway* will make him feel better. My brother is finishing his last 2 units in Melbourne now, hoping to graduate by March & to find himself a job over there to lessen the burden of my family. I hope if things aren't going well in this side of my family, I hope it is better over there for him.

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