Monday, January 5, 2009

The world, or should say KL, is getting irritating small.

I was suppose to be doing my account assignment in Monash now but it was too effing bored that I decided to check out a few of my friends' blog which I seldom do these days.

Plenty of updates which I missed out.

And then.

It came to the pictures part.

Seriously, its like everybody knows everybody.

All around me, this friend of mine know that friend of mine & vice-versa & I didn't knew that they knew each other & when me & them starts talking, they get all really bitchy & start spilling out secrets of the other person.

This world is becoming a very horrible place.

The ones who spill to me, indeed, is mostly all my very close friends and they just talk whatever they want to me but still, some secrets are so ewww & awhhh that I'm wondering what's my reaction when I came face-to-face with those other people again *who's just mutual friends*

But anyhow,

Like I say,

Its getting real irritating when everybody knows everybody somehow.

I need to get out of this circle *which was what I did most of the time these days*


Before I forgot.

I did hear funny remarks on me from those so-called "mutual friends". Comments. Hrmm.

Some say I'm proud.
Some say I'm anti-social.
Some say I'm a slut.
Some say I act like a bitch.
Some say I doesn't know to dress *because I go to clubs in jeans & t-shirts. lol*
Some say.. The list go on.

Anyhow, I don't care. Like I say, I want to get out of this circle which is closing in around me despite the amount of people is increasing. *I hope the index over in the stock exchange goes this way*

My friends *the real ones* are still there even when my life no longer revolve around this circle.

Actually this is just something random. I'm still bored & stuck with my Account assignment.

I agree that I hate account with passion.

God bless me.

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