Saturday, January 10, 2009

I need a break.

I mean what I say.

I need a break.

A break from this home, a break from my mom.

But it hurts my dad a lot and I knew it.

My mom & I was screaming each others heads off the whole afternoon. She went balistic when she start comparing me to her two very close friend's daughters who happen to study in Monash too. It sucks. I don't care what other people says or think about me, but I care when someone so dear to me, the one who should stand on my side when I needed her too starts yelling at me that I'm one of the worst kind of daughter she could get & she hope that her daughter is not me but the other two. It hurts like hell. Till now, the words are still like some deadly-venom, spreading across my body, poisoning & torturing my soul.

I'm not the perfect daughter, but at least, I know I love you, mom.

But this time,

I really need a break.

From this place call home & from you.

I need some time & space to chill & think.

And I think you need the time & space too.

I'm sorry.

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