Sunday, January 18, 2009

Look Out Point.

When was the last time I blogged uh? It seems long to me. I'm only taking a weeny-bit of time to blog now since my account assignment is still not done yet & is due on Tuesday. I had answers thanks to Ian, but I'm still trying to do it on my own, referring only when I'm stuck *which happens quite a lot* I'm not only busy with my assignments but also outings with friends *which pissed my mom off lots* I was totally engrossed with my account assignment on Thursday night when Tommy came over to fetch me out. Tommy wanted to pay 'Look Out Point' a visit since he had never been there before we headed off to Gasoline for so-called-meeting sessions but we wasted one hour inside the car, judging on where to go & going all the way over to Hulu Langat to wait for Jacob *since he don't know the way*. Look Out Point is only 15 minutes from my home & it took us one hour to reach =C Me & Sook Lee were having classes the next day so both of us have our parents ringing us when its almost twelve =P We were actually planning to meet up to discuss about Saturday, which is Sook Lee's birthday & also deciding on whether we should go for Go-Kart *or Cart* session or hot-spring session. Ended up we talk from nothing to everything & decided we should go for Go-Kart session =P

Sorry for the blurry pictures. The pictures were taken by my phone. My camera is still memory-card less =C

The overall view from Look Out Point. Its really chilling over there although the place is kinda sucky in some way =C
My kor, Tommy =P Primary school friends & college mate. WooHoo. Too bad he's going back Melb soon =C
Primary mates, Tommy, Jacob & Kok Keat =)
Sook Lee & me. Terrible flashlight & colouring. Ah-ha. I still look bad anyway =)
Jehn Lim. He was too busy talking on cars to be bothered by my camera =)

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