Monday, January 19, 2009

Of One-U & Bubba Gump.

As usual, Nen behaves like a weirdo, msn-ing me only during morning right before I was going out. I was supposed to meet Loon for breakfast but ended up he was still sleeping so I called Nen instead & meet him up for breakfast. Nen just came back from Ipoh & how he managed to stay up the whole day still amazes me a little, or maybe he's just a freak. Our meeting session normally go the normal way, uh-uh, maybe its due to us meeting up very in-frequently. It was around 9 in the morning so most place wasn't open yet so we ended up at some kopitiam eating breakfast. We managed to sit out there, sipping ice-cold-chinese-tea & chatted till 3 p.m. We drank around 8 or 10 cups of chinese tea. Unhealthy. Eww. I decided to call it a day & headed home with Nen heading towards the gym. Right before I reach home, Nen decided to go shopping after his gym & tagged me along *since he broke up with his girlfriend 2 weeks ago, so he's all alone now =X* so I went home to rest & shower. Around 5, we headed over to One-U.

The sad news is that I bought nothing. Nothing seems to catch my eye at that day & it had been so long since I shopped. Gosh. No new stuff for me during CNY I guess =C But Nen managed to bought some shirt & jeans. Both of us are into Japanese snacks so we headed to the Japanese snack stores & bought some candies & snacks. Around 9, we were hungry & Nen wanted to have shrimps *o_O"* so we went to Bubba Gump Shrimps Co. It was my second time over there but I didn't feel like having shrimps for main course so I decided to try their beef strip *its a little over cooked even I ordered for MEDIUM*. Oh well, the shrimp is nice anyway =) Long day. Chatted with Nen from morning 9 - 3, then drom 5-12? Lol. But its fun once in awhile =)

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