Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Burfday Loon a.k.a Jackie!

Happy Burfday my dear friend Loon!

You're getting older so time to get a grip on your life ya! Get yourself a girlfriend, earn more $$, get fatter, etc. Whatever you want, whatever you wish for =)

Last night was a blast XD Headed over to The Kick for Loon's burfday with Xian Zhi & the whole bunch of crazy fellas. The dancer/stripping part was LOL. And Nee was working over there =P Laurence babi was there too but sadly to say, she's returning to Indo soon =C Hope that she'll made it back here for her degree. Like I promise, I'll pray to every God I come across for you.

It had been quite long since I felt this way. Beside my birthday, I think most of the night I went out was kinda saddening. Yesterday was a different story =) Great night. I had the right amount of wine, tipsy & high, in another word, happy^^ If I had know J.R. would open wine I wouldn't had drank that few cups of Chivas, the mixing of diff types of alcohol in my stomach makes me puke. Yeap, I puke disgusting red substance. But I'm happy.

Pictures would be up soon cause its in J.R.'s camera. Till then, ciaoz =)

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