Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just a lil bit something of what I had been up to lately.

Been trying to keep life as simple as it can the past few weeks. Been going to uni, doing assignments, attending as much of the classes as I can without falling asleep, being the good daughter which means staying at home during night, studying in front of the pc, going out yamcha with friends, keeping myself out of the night-life-world with one exception which is Loon's birthday & I find myself gaming a little more these few days =="

Met up with Mark & Abel who just came back from Singapore the other morning, with Seh Jun & Brian tagging along. I was just actually planning to have breakfast with Brian in the morning before heading uni to print some stuff, then end up Mark called & went yamcha over in Asia. After an hour or two nonsense, then we headed to Ftz & ended up playing dota & left 4 dead. After class the next day, a lunch session ended up as left 4 dead & counter-strike session over in Rock Cafe with Fahmy, Ian, Martin & another guy which I forget his name. Oh God. Shouldn't start gaming again =C Back home, I'm just starting on my studies for account's exam which is next month & managed to finish my tvb series. Gonna head over to stock up more tomorrow =P

Random pics =PMy latest picture. Sorry for the blur-ness. I'm still not used to taking self shots using my new phone =P I think I got bigger eye bags =="
If you guys had called me during the end of december or heard me mentioned that I'm babysitting my cousin, this is the baby that I'm mentioning, Gabriella. Not exactly a baby. Lucky girl just turn 2^^
One of cute desserts that Chef Kong served me the other day over at Millenium. The lil' chicks are really so cute & hrmm fat? Its supposed to be lil' chicks that just hatch & coming out of their shell.
A cute lil' pig that I came across over in Pyramid. My aunt was shopping for a mushroom plushy for my cousin sister & I found my attraction towards pigs still remain but my room's too full =C
Snapshots of Abel & Mark over in Asia.

Mark & his new tattoo. I prefer the old one. Congrats to Mark! You're finally a man *wink*! WooHoo~
Zombies, zombies & more zombies! Its disgusting when zombies explode on you though =="
I was too bored during tutorial class the other day & managed to sketch a cow out, copying some milk candy's covering. The red line was supposed to indicate mountains but hmph, my drawing sucks so ended up as I-dunno-what =="
Ahhhh~ My account textbook, slides & notes. Its time that either account kills me, or I kill acount. Either way will work just fine =D

Back to account for now. Bye =)

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