Monday, January 19, 2009

Lougong is back =)

My beloved lougong is back =) She with her food.
It makes it all worth it for me to sneak out of my house for an hour when I'm all messed-up with my assignment & parents. I bought her two huge pieces of cakes too. Glad you love the walnut one =)
Haha. Brother & sister reunion uh? Can't wait for you to spend your night over at my house when I'm done with my assignments. Lots to tell you!
Picture taken while on the way to Shah Alam for our Go-Cart session =) Tommy was way too excited. Lol. His cart was real fast. I pity Kok Keat's one though =C
The sky looks beautiful me that day. It was a clear-blue one, with cotton-looking-clouds =)
When we reach there, there was some go-cart racing event going on so we decided to stay & watch while waiting. They are really good. I guess that's what professionals are for.
The 5 of us who went for it! Sorry Keat, I didn't meant to "wham" into you. My waist still hurts though =C

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