Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Resolutions ♥

In 8 & a half hour times, the clock is going to strive 12 & year 2009 will be history & the world is going to move forward once again to welcome the year 2010. I guess its a yearly tradition of mine to make a bunch of new year resolutions and end up keeping one or two. This year, I had decided to write the new year resolutions down on the blog, oh well, to keep me awake during work & to remind myself whenever I want to check on what resolutions I made ♥

1. To solved more of my family issue. It might take up lots & lots of times & patience, but running away is definitely a No-No. It's time for some of the invisible walls to crumble after so long ♥

2. Aiming distinctions for all my remaining units *Oh well, I think that's a little impossible but it never hurts to aim higher when it come to studies, a credit at least for all!*

3. I'm so going to lose the 4kg that I gained since I returned from Melbourne, with my brother wedding & followed up by all these festive seasons ♥

4. Balanced out my diet & exercise more *instead of sleeping for 16 hours a day*

5. Stop drinking like a frigging fish! *Wine, champagne, baileys & beer are definitely part of my life but its better to control the amount that I'm going to intake, I think*

6. Spend more quality time with family & friends that really matters to me, all my sweet stuffs who had been through ups & downs with me, giving me all the love & support that I ever need

7. Find the perfect apple pie recipe & bake one myself *or maybe bake 100* & eat it with a spoon! Da yum♥

8. Save more $$ & get the bag & the new phone that I had been eye-ing on for quite some time.

9. Shower all the love & care I have to my love ones. It's always give & take, it's never a one-sided thing ♥

10. Oh shit, the list has reach the tenth, its a little too much, oh stop swearing for one & of course, try my best to stop smoking ♥

Came across this funny picture & decided to uploaded it. I bet Nen will love this picture. It's so similar to his rice joke! Can't wait for him to be back next week ♥

Some people might wonder, what's the use of making up resolutions that you end up not keeping anyway? Why bother? Oh well, it doesn't mean that much if you doesn't keep it or make it at the end but sometimes, try thinking the other way round. Before you are to do something, you will consciously/sub-consciously think about it before you do it. If you never ever even think about doing something before, how are you ever going to actually do something at the end? Putting the idea in the mind as a constant reminder never harm, in fact, one day you will really end up doing it if you put in all the heart & effort in it ♥

Wishing everybody an early Happy New Year. Party people, drink & dance your night away. For the one who are planning to sleep the night away, have a good night of sleep & wake up in the new year 2010 & get a better head start for the year. For those who are spending the night with your love one, grab this special opportunity for once to tell them how much you love them & show them that you really do. As for me, I had no idea what I'm going to do tonight. Oh well, time will decide.

Happy New Year 2010 ♥

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