Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Frontera with the boys =]

Must be sometime around last month, me & the Subang 3 wise men finally got together after so so so so long, oh well, 3 of them were there during my birthday but its not counted since there are too many others around as well. Had been craving for wings for quite some time so Wei Hua suggested Frontera @ JayaOne for dinner. Frontera features Texas-Mexican food, so if you are a fan or either or both, its definitely worthy to give it a try then. Famous for wings, nachos & enchiladas, as well for Margaritas =] The environment is pretty cosy & warm & definitely gives out welcoming vibes. Definitely a nice place to for a friendly dinner. Nothing too shabby or classy that tends to tips people off at times =]

We decided to take a seat on the outer porch at the beginning.
While waiting for our drinks, took some pictures here & there. Introducing you Wei Hua! *I wonder how many times had I introduce them? Lol!*
And me *lalalalalalalalalala* Haha. Then we decided to move inside since its getting a little stuffy!
Introducing you one of my favourite food, wings! It's sour & spicy, & the server will kindly ask you how spicy you want it! If you're a fan of spicy food *which reminds me of Ally*, you can go for the extra extra spicy one. There are some vege dips & cream cheese at the side =] The cream cheese is really really good, goes well with evertthing that we ended up asking for more & more!
For a beef lover like mine, I decided to tried out their fried steak. It was good, kinda different since most of the time the beef I ate is always either grilled, charboiled, stew, barbequed, fried or in the shabu-shabu style so its definitely my 1st time having it fried. Crispy outside & suprisingly its very tender & juicy inside. Comes with a side-serving of coleslaw, mash potato & texas toast. And there's somekind of dip that taste like potato gravy at the side.
The boys decided on their famous house burger. Chili cones & cheeses & beef serve with fries & coleslaw. There's a many others in the menu worth trying for though such as the beef enchiladas & chicken chimichanga =]
The late comer, Joe Win, who knew that dinner was @ around 7ish & went into the cinema 5ish!
Me & bunnykins.
The all time clown =]
Headed to Brussels Beer Cafe next which is just right opposite for some drinks.
While waiting for a table, it was weekend which means it'll be effin pack!
Joe ordered Leffe Brune.
Bunnykins with Hoegaarden Forbidden Fruit.
Wei Hua with Stella Artois.
And me of course, Hoegaarden White! *Thx to it, I have a beer belly now* Loves! Guess everybody have their own favourite.
Picture time with my favourite boys!
And my eh-hem "sweetheart" =="
3 Subang Wise Men. Lol. Time for new nickname perhaps =P?
And then 2 babes came to join me after their movie session. Evonne darling who's in States now. Coming back tomorrow. Miss this "nut" like hell. Grrrrrrr. And the good news is, she's turning alcoholic soon =D
And the other one, Kimberly, who's already an alcoholic *high 5 to that*
Decided to play some card games while we are at it. Loser are ask to do silly stuffs. Had a video somewhere in my lappie back at home, will upload it sometime soon =D
Look @ Brian face. Macam damn kesian betul tu.
Me with my heels. Standing up. With everybody around us looking. That was bad.
Brian losing again~
Awh. So sweet!
Kim who had to hold her tongue out for the whole round through. We was trying to keep our sillyness to our own table since we did a few rounds of asking phone numbers & silly things that attracts the attention of others around us.
Spot the drawing? It's supposed to be a frigging Mickey Mouse. Wei Hua, go enrolled yourself in some drawing classes!
Ended the night with a cup of baileys. I guess baileys, wine, champagne & Hoegaarden is sticking into my life for good now!

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