Thursday, December 31, 2009

Morning worker bees!

Morning to all worker bees out there who's still at work like me. Well, almost half of my office had decided to go on leave, for an extended holiday or just to clear their yearly leave, whatever it is, the office seems so dead today, especially in the Operation Department. Gary decided to take leave as well since he wants to have his passport renew & Eugene, the fella who went drinking with us last night decided to go on MC when he's healthy as a freak *a little migraine & dizziness don't count k?*

Anyway had fun drinking with the colleagues at Kuchai Lama last night. Jessica & me had actually planned to go downtown to Velvet to meet up with Darren but due to a minor "lift" problem, that plan got canceled & we headed to Kuchai Lama *again!* for drinks, inviting Eugene & Ah Wei along. Managed to see some Indonesian-maid-and-police-drama while we were there. Anyway I don't have any pictures with them & I'm suprised to find out that Jessica & me actually had a lot of mutual friends, Darren & Kenny being one of the few. This is such a small world. Headed home around 2 plus.

So now, I'm stoning in front of the laptop when the workload for today is piling up real high. Bahhhh...... And I'm hungry. And I miss those lovely breakfast I had when I was in Melbourne! And apple pies too! See.....

Cafe Lagom, located at Malvern, one of my favourite breakfast place when I'm at Melbourne and its pretty close to the place where I stay, 2 trem stations. Well, you can choose to walk too if you want, about 10 minutes?
Had a cup of affogato. Ice cream with coffee, yummy, it reminds me of baileys in a way. Lol.
My brother was having an off-day at work & we decided to have a brother-sister-only-breakfast. He ordered Carbonara & some fries. Seriously, fries in Malaysia are kinda sucky if its to be compared.
And I had smoked salmon with sunny-side-up-eggs on muffins with lots of cheese & mustard & a side serving of bacons. Looking at the pictures is like torturing my stomach!
Well, this was not ordered when I was in Melbourne but @Finnegan's Irish Pub, Midvalley. Was craving for a cosmo when I came across this in the menu, Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream & custard! I never turn down apple pie although this looks/tastes more like an apple puff! I'm still looking for a perfect apple pie around in KL =] The craving never dies!

Back to work for now. Lotsa to do. Oh, wait a minute, its new year eve today. Any plans that doesn't involved crowded/stuffy places? Lol. I'm not sure what's my plan for tonight though, am waiting for my baby Evonne to get back from States, arriving around 12 before I can decide on a plan. But shower & a nap b4 that is a must! And its time to jot down my list of new year resolution, will do it after lunch. Keep track =]


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