Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm suffocating.

This weekend was really really good, till last night. Reach home around 11 & ended up facing same old shits. The old-infamous-unresolved issue. I thought after the talk I had with my parents, everything might at least be a little better but I guess I was just too foolish to believe a simple talk will be enough. I know its not the first time I wrote about this problem over here but seriously, I'm going crazy every minute. They had acted nothing all along, acting like they agreed to what we talked about but all the while, they were just waiting for a chance like last night to take back all they ever said & to make it worst then before.

I love them so much, but the words they said last night, was a little too hurtful this time. And I'm standing strong on my position this time, I see no fault in what I did. They said I had never stand in their position & think as they did. I did. If I didn't, I could do much much more worst than what I'm doing now. All these while, I had stand in their position & think, knowing how much they love me & care for me, that I restrained myself & my thoughts so much that I ended up hurting myself. I'm just growing up & I really need the room to grow but they are you suffocating me. I'm just so tired. All these years mean nothing. The words you both said last night, really hurt me too much these time. I don't know how long I can stand anymore.

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