Tuesday, December 15, 2009

After work.

Was feeling pretty down last night out of sudden. The emoness stayed with me all the way through work today but guess I was lucky since it's near Christmas & its really busy for the Marketing Department hence I get to work my brain off the whole day. When the clock hit 6, I wasted no time & rushed all the way to Sunway to meet up with my QuackQuack & Kitty. Both of them will kill me when they see these anyway. Just a simple dinner & chilling session but it was all I really need to get my moods up to a hrmmm normal level again. Had dinner at some Taiwanese restaurant, forget what the name was but I know they had this other branch over in Gardens as well. Kimberly & Juice join in. A soothing bottle of beer makes everything even way better but it makes me misses Hoegaarden so much. Another chilling session this weekend perhaps? Minus my QuackQuack darling since she's going to US =[

And I came across these pictures taken months ago lying in some folder in my pc =] Fond memories it brings back!

My QuackQuack darling Evonne! Taken on a as-usual-routine-dinner@Zhia's Kitchen-day.
And my newly adopted Kitty, Andrew! I guess we woke him up a little too early but hey, it was night already! I realize that I had came to love these two so much that I can't imagine how life is gonna be without both of them. Life still goes on but it will be a yuckier version.

Oh! This is taken during Mid-Autumn Festival at my house when we wanted to release the lantern. Well, I hope the wishes I wrote on it came true *fingers crossed*
And my 4 new beloved, adorable tooties, present by my beloved brother when he came back from Hong Kong.

Time for bed. It's going to be another busy day tomorrow & I need all the strength I can get. Don't wanna show up at work with my sleepy-headed face! By the way, my report went really well & it makes me really happy but the only bad side effect is now that Jean trust me with my abilities, my workload is doubled. Oh well, think on the bright side, I get to gain more experience!

Loves (''.)

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