Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Laundry with the childhood mates!

Met up with the golfer since he's back from Melbourne for holidays last Saturday! Not much change since I last saw him in Melbourne & like that time, he still eats like mad, but not as mad. Whenever I thought of the dinner that night with him in Melbourne, it give me creeps. 3 meals in a row, non-stop, walking from one diner the next. He must have 3 stomachs or something I guess but anyhow, I miss him lots, no restrain in talking with him. Any topic is just fine *but I think he love sex-related/golf-related* the best! Oh well, I better get back to what's related HERE before I wander off any further!

Met up with Tommy & Jenn *or was it Jehn?* Lim @ The Curve since Jacob had to be off to airport to pick his sister & Kok Keat had to pick up his sister as well somewhere in Sri Petaling. The suprise extra of the day is Khai Sing, welcome to the group! Sook Lee is left out because she had to get herself to the airport as well & fly her now-no-longer-single-body/brain to Perth for 2 weeks! So stop complaining girl, I didn't complain when you guys went lim teh the other night without me *oh well, I was working but still, without me!* Had our dinner at The Teh Tarik Place since Tommy wants something quick, too hungry to sit at a nice restaurant & wait for food to be serve in a slow speed. Was discussing where we should head next, it was raining back then, too lazy to drive, decided to head towards Library *yeah, again!* but then it was packed & was too lazy to wait for a table so we settled at Laundry then!

Tommy trying to think of what to drink. He's craving for hard liquor for unknown reasons!
But they made me make the choice at the end! And of course, I ordered the ♥ love ♥ of my life, red wine! Well, this wasn't the one I chose at the first place but they ran out of the one I wanted so well, we settled for Cabarnet Sauvignon then. It was okkaay, drinkable, but not my favourite though but oh well, it was make up by the company!
This is the newly-single-Tommy aka my dirty-minded-childhood-friend.
And this was once the 1st-crush-of-my-bff, Jehn Lim!
In replacement of my bff Chin Sook Lee is Khai Sing! Another just-turn-single after like 6 years?! *p/s: Sook Lee, I personally think you turn "coupled" at the wrong time*
And of course me! Snapped while trying to enjoy the ♥ of my life.
The 2 fellas who crap.
Me & Khai Sing. Been so long eh?
He's really someone I miss quite a lot too in a way. He's like something nice to have around but shit, who the hell brother charges their sister for using their shoulder!?!?
Me with my Junior friends!
And here come the late comer, Kok Keat! Well, at least he didn't ffk! Oh, did I ever say he's my 1st crush... You see... This is where all the history comes out... Oh well... I was young... And he doesn't have a watermelon head at that time.... And he's cute..... And we kinda had a very innocent thing going on..... Nothing physical, Tommy Chin!! But just we always sit close to each other, have sweet talk, kinda shy around each other after we ergh ergh ergh say that we **** each other.. I guess I was wondering back then how it feels like to hold his hand, but oh well, we never got to that stage. Too young.. Must be around 12?
I think I would framed this picture in gold *well if I have the $$ anyway* if I was 12!

The whole night is practically talk of "Do you remember back then......" "Oh I remember who-who-who was always like this, doing this & that...." "Look at us now........" & some secrets here & there & with the PERVERT around, a little horny talk, ergh well I guess sex just relates to everything! Can't wait for the next hangout session! Let's include Jacob, Sook Lee, & Che Wei this time as well!!

p/s: Sorry guys that I didn't make it to Jehn Lim's place for the next round. Something was terribly wrong with my eyes & I'm happy to say I threw that old pair of contacts into the drain & get myself a new one! And I'll put my specs in the car next time larhh.. It was there just took it down like a month ago!

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