Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pissed off.

Bastard! Jerk! Freak! Liar! Bull-shitter! Pussy! At the end of the day, you're just another bastard!

Okay, now I feel slightly better. Just slightly.

It was a long story. Something that happened on the night of my birthday party. I'll just leave the story out. Most of you know anyway. Or should I put it this way, you guys seen what happened yourself anyway. The thing is, this fucking bastard took advantage of it & now is bull-shitting. It had been years since I feel so pissed off by someone.

Hey bastard. Be a man. Took full responsibility of what you did yourself & not cover it up with all your beautiful lies & shits like a coward. You're acting like a girl. Oh wait. I know much girls who are way better than you. At least, they are not afraid to admit what they did. At the end of the day, you're just worst than an animal eh?

To a friend out there, if that's what you think & believe, I'm truly hurt. All the tears falling on my drive back home, I really doesn't know what its for. I believe what we had was a friendship but I guess I was the only one thinking it this way. Or maybe I'm just too lowly to be your friend eh? I hate myself for believing in you & our friendship. You can just stick with that bastard & his bull shits.

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