Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hooo-ohh-ohhh-liiii-eeee-dddaaayy-eeeii ♥

Starting from today, I'm having a long weekend since its a public hhoOo-oOhH-OhhH-llIii-EeeEe-DddAaY-eeIii tomorrow. And I started it with a fast shopping trip over at Midvalley with the colleague, Jessica. And I probably had mention this many time but this is really such a effing-small-world! Can it grow bigger, pleaseeeee?

Tonight's gonna be a night where I'll stay home, read some mangas & get some really-really-reeaaallliii gooodd sleep! Recharge time!

I got 2 news that makes me utterly-truly sad. 1st: The harvest resulted from the shopping trip just now = nil! 2nd: Saturday bday boy aka kitty might be kidnapped to Melaka to celebrate his birthday! If that happens, I'll hate the MELAKANS & KITTY for the weekend~

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