Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Wei Hua!!! And is anyone interested to shop with me =P

First of all, a very Happy Birthday to my one of my all-time-favourite person in the world! I have decided not to call him/sms him until its 11:59 tonight which will make me the last person to greet him Happy Birthday on these special day of his because he went for candlelight dinner with only his girl & forget the other "friends" I don't really know what wishes to wish him, ergh, may all the wishes you made *if you made one larh* come true? Aye aye.. Cut the crap & let's plan when's the next chilling session again. My bunnykin's back from Bangkok! And where's the next place for food =P Let's think of something good again. Hot dogs as preliminaries??

See. I still have this silly picture of yours when we went Manhattan Fish Market. Remember the time we was chilling in McDonald early in the morning suddenly suggested this fish market thing & you & bunnykin were still like in ergh half pajamas? Lol. I think Brian freezed. Oh, I think I know what to wish you. Wish the silly brain of yours never stop growing & keeps coming up with more stuffs to make me laugh 24/7!

On another note, I did Christmas shopping for my parents today. Was really tired, practically had to drag myself off the bed to go Pavilion. Was out on a last minute plan on Friday night, went drinking at Darren house & it was good old drinking till you are silly kind of night with MahJong as entertainment. WooHoo! And I saw someone puke that night. Awwweee. More drinking night on the following weekend =P?

This two Christmas presents I got for my parents result in a hole in my wallet, oops, wait, in my bank account. And I got nothing for myself =[ Anybody willing to go Christmas shopping with me next weekend?? Please???? I don't mind if its shopping + drinking session =D Pleaaasseee lleeettt meeee kknnoooowwww kkkkaaaayyy????

To my dearest Wei Hua, if you're patient to wait till the end of the post, I just want to tell you, you had been a great friend to me & I just want to say a simple thanks for all the time you was there for me & supporting me throughout my bleakest moments. Let's toast to this friendship we have & may it last till we're fat & old =P

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