Thursday, December 24, 2009

Raymond Lam Concert ♥

Raymond Lam, well if you guys are a fan of HK TVB series you probably know who's he. If not, well he's just an actor who first started to sing for some series songs & later start releasing his own album, now with his 3rd one. He might not be as good as many other singers but he's definitely improving. Thumbs up to him! Well he decided to come over to Genting to have his 4th concert, he's been there before for a prize award ceremony. Been keeping track of his movies when he first acted 10 years ago & when I heard he's coming to Malaysia, decided to buy his tickets for the concert but I was a little too late, all the good tickets are gone well but at least, I get to attend it.

His concert was really good, with quite a number of special guests performing although I know who they are but no idea of their name. I guess my friends wouldn't be suprise, they knew me well enought to know that I never really keep track of superstars & names & faces, I'm even bad at remembering people's faces & names! I always get into a situation where someone approach me, greets me & I will give them the blank look! Like "Huh? Do I know you? You do look familiar to me but sorry, I don't remember your name!" Bought one of his album, which was been quite some time since I last bought one, oh well, minus the special jazz/blues/oldies cds since I mostly download or opt for pirated ones once awhile.

Recorded down part of 2 of my favourite songs by him & another 1 where he duet with another guy, meant for my darling who's at Spain now! Make sure you LISTEN to that one. It's for you, and only you ♥ Camera was running out of battery as usual since I didn't charge it, forgive me =)


A picture at the beginning of concert with ok dancers, love the effect though of having lots of light bulbs on their costume.Sorry for low quality pictures. Was sitting a little too far =[First special guest! And he sang lots of my favourite songs! Some song by Eason *Kam Seng will love that song* , Jay Chou, Lee Hom! He's one of the famous actor in Hong Kong now, reknown for his sense of humour *& his lack of height XD*. Acts mostly in comedy films. He's really good though, didn't expect him to be able to sing that well.Raymond's 10-year-buddy since he enter the entertainment sector. Couldn't really sing but seen him act in a few series, quite okay.A group of rappers, I heard they are from local or something, quite good. Well I love cantonese raps for some weird reasons XD Must be the HK genes inside my blood. And 永儿 having a duet with Raymond & a few of her own songs. Forget what's her english name though, love a few of her songs but not her.Crowds going crazy because I think its not that often that a singer would get off the surrounded area & move around right below the stairs from the entrance to the arena shaking hands. He was laughing himself too, saying that the shaking hand part is not only restricted to the VIP seats but even the cheap seats. True true.At the end, when he perform with the 2 funny dudes!Singing his ultimate love song!

And this is the video meant for my darling. You better know the song name or I might whack you when you're back. And don't forget my presents ♥

So that's practically the end of the post, took me like an hour to upload all the videos, connection at work is kinda restricted in a way for uploading stuffs. Really enjoyed the concert, much more than I expect!

**Edited:Just remember something, all the while watching this concert, it reminds me of Adrian even though I don't know why, must be all the superstars performing on stage. Wonder how he's doing at Taiwan now eh? If you're reading this, I hope one day, you will able to stand on your on stage, or appear in the big screen with your own big show. Merry Christmas to you sweetie.

By the way, it's Christmas Eve tonight. Tired of all the same old Q "So what's the plan?" I seriously have no idea! Don't ask me! My plan so far is to get home & shower after work, get some sleep first & go out if I manage to wake up! Everywhere will so crowded, don't really have the Christmas mood either! Although Christmas is definitely my favourite festival of all but still, this year wasn't such a good year either! But still, a early Christmas to all my sweet stuffs out there.. MERRY CHRISTMAS ♥

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