Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Amelia ♥

Just got home from dinner @ Grandmama, Pavilion & chilling session at 789. I bet its the first time this year I attended a birthday party where the birthday girl is to stay sober *she wants it k?* for the birthday night & her friends in a way, respected her wish! I don't think my friends would EVEN agree to it even if I want it as my birthday wish for the night. Staying sober for the birthday one on their birthday night is definitely a no-no.

Happy 20th Birthday Amelia darling
I don't really have much pictures for the night because its all in Kim's camera or Mac's camera or Amelia's camera. I don't know which camera its in but definitely not in mine =[ But at least I have one shot of me & the birthday girl before I leave. And this picture definitely tells me one thing. Time to go on a diet & get a healthier life & get myself in shape. I can't bare to even look at myself. Uh. And I can see Chris's finger on the picture. Lol.

A night that I decided not to drink still have me ended up with a glass of champagne, a glass of red wine *I can never ever say no to wine =[* & a glass of whisky. I must really learn to say no to alcohol! Such a pain in the ass to be a freaking alcoholic. Grr.

Anyway the music was really good. I still the place lots.

And a Happy Belated Birthday to one of my best bud, Abel!!! Grow up, grow up fatty =P But you look cute with your tummy. Lol.

That's for the night. Don't feel like writing much. Back to my series for awhile before I try to catch some sleep. Hopefully it will not be a night of looking out of the window again =[

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