Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holidays please!

There's so much to do these days. The Christmas promotion & offers that clashes with all the year-end-holidays is killing everybody in the company. Saw the IT department schedule, that is truly crazy. I would had quit my job right then if that schedule is for me *provided if I'm really rich & well off lar* Heard from Ally that the public holiday on Friday might be cancelled off. Was looking forward to it actually, but well, till the hear-say is confirmed by Jim, I'll just have my finger-crossed & pray hard that the holiday will remain as a holiday.

And seriously, I'm sick of people who find me when they need something from me or my help & act all sweet & good in front of me, labelling me as their goodfriend/bff. And its so much worst when I really treat them as my true friend, hurts like hell. Guess its time for me to grow up & leave this so-called-friends far far behind. Sometimes I really want to be stuck in those good-old-memories but this is LIFE and LIFE is constantly about changing & moving on no matter how unwilling a person is. You can choose to remain to be stuck in that petty little brain of yours & one day, when you finally decided to WAKE UP you'll see everything around you has change & nothing will wait for you! So grow up people! Well, at the same time, live life to fullest which means work HARD, play HARD!

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