Monday, December 14, 2009

God bless me =P

Did I ever mention that I start working? Well, if you guys saw my shoutouts on Facebook & Twitter, you guys probably would had knew about it. Started work officially last week as a Marketing Executive @ ESky System Technology. Full time, Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. But I guess its better sleeping everyday at 6 in the morning & doing nothing the whole day besides drinking, loitering, going online, shopping, etc. Some of you might be wondering what am I doing, blogging at this time of work. My work revolves around my laptop & I'm so happy to say I'm done with my research & marketing comparison report. Meeting later at 4, nervous, hope that my report will satisfy what Jean, my Korean head wants =] Eugene said it was good, I just hope Jean will be satisfy! Working for Koreans, they do drive me crazy with their crazy ideas at time but she's superb, really talented. I knew Jean some time back like I think maybe the end of last year but back then, I don't really know much about how talented she really is or how hard she can really work. I just know she's able to drink like a fish.

Seriouly, this IBM laptop the company given me is driving me crazy with its small screen & small keyboard. And they locked access to Facebook too. Guess thats probably a wise choice though. Lol. At least I still can blog & tweet *wink* which keep me from falling asleep. And the thumb print sensors drive me go all crazy at time. I use to love thumb print sensor but I guess not anymore =[ I'm just killing time for now, getting ready for the meeting. Done with my week work, was rushing it all week long. Yeah!

Praying hard for a success in my presentation for my report later on. Bless me =D

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