Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just a little spacing out from work!

No worries, I'm not dumping my "emo" load here right now! Since there's no facebook, no youtube, well I'll just either blog or tweet! Not that there's really much for me to blog about though. The pictures are all lying inside my camera which means I can't upload it. Yet. Pictures of a bunch of alcoholics drinking from Sunday noon till night, Raymond Lam's concert with a video or two, one is recorded for my darling who's in Spain now & she had to guess what song is that =] Muacks! At least I didn't leave you out of everything I'm doing now right? So make sure you get me a big big birthday aka Christmas pressie darrrrlliingggg. Ya I know, you miss the chocolate session. So do I. And the thing I miss the most is you.


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