Monday, January 4, 2010

20th Birthday - Part 1 ♥

Decided to upload part of my 20th birthday celebration pictures up first before I reaches 21st. Most of the pictures I had to wait for Boy to come back from Hong Kong before I get to upload it. On the actual night itself, there's not much celebration due to exams but a small dinner with the family. Grandparents from Hong Kong flew over to celebrate with me too. Made reservation at my favourite Chinese restaurant, Zing, located at Grand Millennium Hotel, Bukit Bintang. Invited my honey ♥ together as well since she's practically like the other daughter to my parents. Ordered all my favourite food which include the shark bone soup *It taste way better than most sharkfin, definitely worth a try since its not available everywhere*, pan friend foie gras aka goose liver, prawns, fish, etc. *the typical chinese course* Ended the course with my favourite cheese cake from the hotel's bakery *I still prefer the crumble apple pie but the parents say nobody uses pie as birthday cakes =(*

As usual, most people tend to spell the name wrong. It's Cristine without the H! Oh well, I got no one to blame but myself though for making it spells without the H *I was young & wanted it to be special in a way larhhhh*
Happy 20th Birthday to me! I'm no longer in my teens *something I should be sad about =[*
See my double chin?! All the good food is doing no good to me! *I'm still sulking inside about the fact that I can no longer have only one big candle on the cake after this year*
Me & the parents
Grandparents who flew all the way from Hong Kong eventhough they just went back like 2 weeks ago from my brother's wedding! Hearts them much!
!Favourite dad of all time, no one better to ask for despite everything that had happened!
Special guest for the dinner, one & only honey
The 4 ladies
3 generation ladies! Woots! The 4th generation is coming on April this year ♥
Looking back at the pictures, I can see how much I had grown from the toddler who use to climb on their sofas & ask them to bring me to Ocean Park *there was no Disneyland back then* & now, they are starting to get old & its better to show my loves & appreciation before its too late!
Ending the post with a birthday kiss from honey loves! A short walk in Pavillion after that with honey ♥ & more surprises awaited me at Subang, but oh well, that will be for the next time I post on my next birthday parts =D

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