Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A lil' here & there.

Morning people. Oh wait, its noon dy. Clock just strive 12 which means I'm one hour away from lunch & is once again snaking a little time off work to go off into my own wonderland. Blog seems like a better option since I couldn't sleep unless I'm to sneak off to the toilet, find a clean dry cubicle & sleep for like 15 minutes there. Better not. Work had been dull this morning, smelled fire-powder around the office. Definitely not a good sign. More fussy clients for me to deal with after lunch. The list just never end. I took mom's camera the other day & guess what I found? Some self-obsessed-camwhoring pictures I took during September! I think me likey my hair best then =[[
Remember I was waiting for my dad to head over to my cousin's brother pre-wedding.
After the hectic weekend of 2 birthdays, lots of drinking & midnight drive back to KL, I had decided to spend my Sunday on my one & truly bed, with my thick comforter & some TVB series. Some colleague pass it to me & I find it hilarious. Definitely something light & easy, something that wouldn't affect my already bumpy-emotional-side. Introducing you to 老友狗狗, A Watchdog's Tale. Its playing On-Demand now, definite worth watching if you have too much time & feel like staying in. *I'm still a fan of TVB series compared to Korean, Jap or English series, must be in the gene*
So I ended up watching it whole Sunday & Monday night, giving my brain & body a must-needed rest.
And the dogs is really cute too. Especially Steven's dog, 阿黄! Woody is okay too. A big fan of small dogs myself but my mom is kinda against animal, she doesn't hate it since we have a two dogs over 13 years but she was never a big fan of having an animal running around the house.
And I found more camwhore pictures of mine in my mom's camera taken during like October? And I found my own attempt to act cute & pose failed miserably but definitely putting a smile on my face myself. Maybe its a happy thing to do? Don't ask me, I'm still conflicting between the right thing to do or the happy thing to do thingy. Advice anyone?

p/s: Still in a messed up mood. Anyway plan put in motion. Can't wait to return to there again! Where? Give it a guess. Its the fifth time in two years! Boohoo! But before that, I definitely need some nice dinner, with a couple of glasses of beer or wine! And some quality conversation. They say its time for me to start socializing around again? Maybe, but still considering =]

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