Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kam's farewell ♥ [5 mins bcame almost 2 hour]

Did I ever 2 of my favorite "bastards" are back from their own respective country? And they never told me a single thing about it? Okay, they are not bastards but two of my best buddies but because of what they did to me, they will be considered favorite "bastards" for now.

The reason why huh? On the 31st Dec 09/1st Jan 10, after I left Jaya One, heading towards Wangsa Maju to meet up with some friend to head to Genting, I receive Kam's call & I was like thinking "Oh, he call all the way from UK for Happy New Year Greeting, how sweet!" but the first thing he ask was "Where are you?" & no new year greeting from him. Then after I told him I'm on my way to Wangsa, he was like "Okay, then nothing dy." Ask him why, he just tell me he's driving alone in KL *which is a big fat lie* with nothing to do like he had never left to UK. Wtf? So this is his so-called-surprise which really shock me but a promise made to my friend was not meant to broke so I headed to Genting anyway & return 10 in the morning which was too late/early to find him.

Now for the 2nd "bastard", on the following night which would be 1st Jan 10, while I was showering, this number starting with 010-XXXXXXX was calling non-stop & I only knew one person with 010 number which I never save down because he's down right irrating so I thought it was him & decided not to pick up. After a few more attempt to call me, he sent me a message saying "I'm outside your house now. Forget to bring a lighter, can you light me up please?" & I decided to ignore this message too because first, he doesn't know where I stay so it must be a prank & second, even if he found out where I stay, its really scary & eery & I'll definitely not go out either. So this number keep calling & calling till a 2nd message came saying "Kenry here larh" so I rush down in Pajamas, hair still wet & took a peek outside & there was a white BMW park opposite my house so I called him back & he told me he was standing outside my house under the rain! Kesian! Well, I went out yamcha with him after all the excitement from the surprise died down after that....

So this two beloved human of mine flew back on the 31st & Kam had to return to UK on the 13th *freaking flew back for 12 days! Hmph!!!* so the night before he left, I decided to meet him up to give him a farewell hug & take a picture with him. A 5 minute meeting up since I had to work tomorrow & was feeling sick from all the previous weekend drinking! He, Kenry, Renee & a few other friends decided to go Sing K @ Newway, Leisure Mall which is like 3 minutes drive from my house so I decided to meet them up there. Drove there around 11 plus, park my car & went up for my "hug" & "picture" but things never happened the way you planned them to be..... Pictures will show everything....

Introduction my beloved brother♥ for many many years, the one who decided to remember how thin I was when I was 14 & ignored the fact that I have grown & change & gotten fat & ugly now. So this was the supposed picture I took of him outside!
This is my beloved partner-in-crime♥ who flew back from Melbourne for freaking 17 days ONLY! Well, things start to go off plan as the receptionist usher us into the room so I decided to follow them in to get more pictures & a few minutes of precious catch-up-talk!
The first song that they selected was my favorite so decided to sing a bit & take picture at the same time & I'm never trusting Ke-en-ri-ii-Lo-oh with my camera again with all the haywire-God-knows-what-he-is-taking pictures!
Guess what I'm doing there??
Kenry gave me a piggy back ride! Oh well, cause I was complaining I'll only be there for a few minutes & he still wants to run away to the washroom do to his own business. But oh well, I decided to stay there, be a good girl & wait for him to be back...
While waiting for the prince to be back.. I took picture with my long-time-no-see-friend Renee! Then in the process of doing so.. More & more of my favourite songs came up!!
And you can see the happy faces of people singing...
And then the wannabe-singer came back & try to sing like one..
And once again I decided to take another "last picture" with my brother before I left.. But more songs came up.....
The 3some =] Miss the time we had back when we was in different high school but we still manage to meet up...
Renee came in & we got our group picture. Kenry is still trying his best to ignore us & sing as best as he could..
But when its not his turn to sing, he crave for the camera's attention! Forgive us for the blur picture.. I think almost every single people there was a smoker. Imagine all of us cramp into a small karaoke room..
By the time its 1.. I'm still there.. Singing.. Shit! 5 minutes turn into like an hour plus..
And this was a shot I got of him when I put on a special song for my beloved brother, a song that is going to send him away & Kenry being one of the singer in the song..
That was supposed to be my last song but I decided to stay because ergh the same old lame reason: More of my favourite songs came up...
Kenry trying to be a satay man & irritating me with his fan...
And Kenry start fooling out with my camera.. Renee's beautiful leg ♥ I wish mine was as slim as hers.... =[[[
And a very wrong shot..... Kenry's ugly hairy leg.... Ewww.... He took it himself k?
And Kenry's friend who I pity him, sitting across the room alone.. Aiks! Or maybe not?
Renee must be feeling left out because Kam was too busy & Kenry busy with God knows what!!
Oh, wait a minute, he was busy fooling with my camera with ugly pictures of his!!
And this time it was really the last picture. It's already almost 2!! Stayed like about 2 hours when I just intended to stay for 5 minutes. Argh! But it was all worth it & I'm missing the both of them like mad. Went out for dinner with Kenry Lo before he left but oh well, that will be for some other time..

To my dear korkor♥: If you're reading this, I just want to tell you how much I miss you! Even if we don't see each other often, I still safe-keep all the good memories we had when we was young in a safe corner in my brain & its going to be very very safe unless some stupid people come whack me with a stick or bang me with a car & make me forget those memories k? And if you dare to forget me just because you're far far away, I'll personally buy an air ticket, fly all the way there & whack your head till your head is like "Shin Chan"head got many bump bump on his head like a tower =P Argh, just a simple I miss you like mad & thanks for being my friend for so many years ♥

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