Monday, January 11, 2010

I miss the girls & chocolates & pastas ♥

I didn't know if this was ever supposed to end up as a post or not but I'm feeling hungry & I came across this pictures and oh well, I decided to upload it. And I happened to be M.I.A from my blog for the weekend, the weekend was pretty hectic, but overall I had a really good weekend, pictures got to wait, I want to wait for pictures from the other camera as well. Weekend was spend with lots of good food *I'm still craving for that foie gras.. I can never have enough of goose liver!* , wine, cocktails, beers, shopping, lim teh sessions, parties, pulling pranks on friends, etc. 2 night @ Zouk in a row is enough to drive me sick though but of course, life's never perfect, my brain was messed up once again after hearing one of the conversations & it had remained all the way since last night till now which results in a sleepless night *& brain wandering off while working*. This was a random outing with 2 of my girls to Bangsar since I want so shop for my gown for bro's wedding at that time so I think this trip will be around August last year? Lol. And I still remembered it was an outing of 3 troubled, emotionally wrecked-up girls at that time.

Picked them up & off to Bangsar for lunch!

Lunch at one of my favourite place, Delicious ♥
Troubled girl #1: The darling who's back from UK for the Summer.
Troubled girl #2: The one who's big day is coming this Friday & is really testing my organising skills for good.
Troubled girl #3: Oh wait, I think I'm always troubled.
So I start doing funny faces. I hold this face for like a few minutes...
And it got them laughing. ♥ you girls!
Decided to share 2 plate between the 3 of us. The choice made by Sook Lee, Carbonara.
And the choice made by me is the same as always, Marinara Linguini ♥ *It's always either this or Salmon Angelhair or something like that* They have really good crumble pie too, but we are saving dessert for another place. Off to hunting for my dress then....
Next round at Chocolate Lounge ♥ My favourite hangout place, well, maybe not, but definitely favourite spot for chocolate drinks & treats in KL. Hot chocolate in most places stuck in Malaysia. Ordered my usual, Snow White frappe, made from Belgium White Chocolate ♥
And I think Sook Lee ordered a Ms. CoCo, Belgium Dark Chocolate.
And darling ordered a Iceberg Lady, milk chocolate with fllloooattttt, she was in for the extra scooping of icecream aka float they are offering her.

And we spend our afternoon chatting away & exchanging deep dark secrets. Lol. Or maybe not. It was one of the good hangout sessions of doing nothing much but the conversations & companions are worth more than gold for me. And I'm really hungry now.. 2 more minutes to lunch.. I miss the companion & good food. Food here is sucky sometimes, or maybe I'm just getting boring of the food since there's a few good diner but that's like 15 minutes walk away which I'm too lazy to do so anyway.

Clock strikes 1:00 p.m. Am off to lunch ♥

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