Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Port Dickson 09

Was going through some old pictures last night when I come across these! A quickie trip to Port Dickson to celebrate Si Hui's birthday. We were too bored at KL & decided to head to PD around 6ish in tow with Anson, Jeanie, Si Hui, the other brother & his friend! Shop for food & snacks, headed home to pack a few shirt & toiletries & off we went. Massive jam when we tried exiting the highway & we reached PD later then expected. Checked into Corus & headed to the beach for bbq! The beach was looking good when we arrived, cooling & soothing enough.

Feeling right at home beside the sea. Missing Sabah much!
Setting up for the barbeque!
Then the weather starts turning crazy. Big wind, lightning flashes here and there. So we headed back to the apartment & cook our own food =[When the rain stopped, we decided to go crab hunting! Our harvest for the night ♥ So people, if you are interested in some night activities beside drinking & gambling, bring your own torches & pails & nets. Its fun but keep your voices down & do some hunting of your own!
The sister ♥
Headed to the beach next morning. Yummy loves ♥
Avoiding getting tanned because mom's really pissed off for me turning darker so much after I finally get to be a lil' fairer again. Uh. Still, I enjoy soaking in the sun instead of hiding somewhere!The sister who's getting buried because she wants to tan only her face and not her body~
All of us trying to bury her.
With hrmmmmmmm balls & sticks?
One & only sister ♥
The ♥ birds
The sister with the brother & sister. Happy Birthday Si Hui! It's a cheap & short holiday! Nice one!

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