Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hunan Dishes. Yummy loves.

I think about half year ago, my dad brought me to this place at Kuchai Lama known as Restaurant De Hunan for Hunan dishes. Hunan is part of China & is where the infamous Chinese revolutionary, Uncle Mao's origin. I'm not going into history nor geography so let's get the topic back to food. Well, its definitely my first time trying Hunan dishes despite the number of time I had to return to China to visit far off relatives on festive seasons & friends too, but I had never tried the Hunan dishes & according to a few Hunan friends I brought over to this restaurant some time later, they told me "It taste like home" which definitely means this restaurant serve authentic Hunan dishes!

Dad was the one ordering the dishes because I seriously had no idea what to order for the first time! We started off with some yummylicious appetizer, thin slices of pig's ears marinated in their own sauce & spices & I was so into it that I finished it off before I took any pictures with my phone! I love all special parts like cow's tongue, pig's tongue, heart, kidney, etc. Go figures. I love all this funky funky food which is why I'm defitely going to Taiwan this year! Finishing it off fast led to one big problem for me, I was too spiced up! I had a lower tolerance for spicy food compared to most Malaysians & I can tell you, if you love spicy food, like really really spicy, Hunan dishes will definitely be the thing for you!

So I decided to start off really really slow *lesson learnt* when the main dishes arrived.

Steam rice served in clay-like bowl, mark my words, its steam rice, they steam it *which is what they do in many places in China* instead of dumping grain & water together & boil it!Spare-ribs wrapped with glutinous rice & steam with an outer layer wrapping of lotus leaf. If you are not a heavy fan of spicy food & prefer something light, this will be really really good. Not much spices & taste was added to it, tasted really light of the rice, spare-ribs & lotus leaf. The sweet fragrance of lotus leaf is tempting enough..Their must-tried dish! Steamed fish head with lots of salted red chillies! When you ordered it, they will even ask you how spicy they want because this dish was originally so spicy that even some Malaysians couldn't take it so they decided to have it on different levels of hotness like Nandos so fish lovers who can't take too spicy could enjoy this dish too.Sour bean cooked with minced meat. One of my favourite, it just so appetizing that you will go for more & more without feeling full. According to Michelle aka sis-in-law, she said that sour bean is in fact one of the favourite of Chinese. Most people will buy the long beans & marinate it themselves and used it for porridge, stir-fried dish or simply just as an appetizer! Its a homely food!Stir-fried cabbage with dried chili. Another dish where you can tell the waiter/waitress the level of spiciness you want in it. They used a special kind of sauce when frying it & it taste really really good. Something like how Thai loves to use fish paste when they fried mixed vege!

There's actually so much more food you can order but because my mom's a healthy freak, we avoid ordering fatty meats when dining with her. Remember to order Mao's pork if you are ever there, it taste way better than those they offered in most restaurant in KL area! Or the stir fried chicken with dry chili & pepper which will definitely spice up your life too!

Its making me a lil' hungry, maybe I should suggest it for lunch tomorrow with the colleagues but its 15 minutes of walk! Uh uh. And its going to be hectic tomorrow, it was already hectic today, with all the workload & meetings! Gahhhh...

Heading to bed soon! Loves!

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