Sunday, January 24, 2010

One of the scariest thing in life.

- Losing the reason to smile, to be happy -

What happen, imagine, when you wake up one day & found that you no longer have a single reason to smile, to be happy at anymore? You are still breathing, smelling, seeing, tasting, listening, but everything just seems dark, taste bitter, smells terrible to you. People always say you should be grateful that you're still alive but could there be something more terrible then death itself? Take for example, a living body, empty within, brain & heart. There is times, I find the darkness inching slowly towards me, surrounding me & I find my heart aching, losing the power to smile from within. It takes so much effort to even to put a simple smile on the face. My heart aches so much these days, sometime it even hurts to breath & think.

A million thanks to my family & friends, for giving me a reason to smile, for the strength to carry on through the darkest moment in my life & most important, for not leaving me alone in this darkness despite how I turn out to be. I couldn't wonder how would life turn out to be without you people. Give me sometime, because I believe in me myself.

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