Monday, January 18, 2010

One of my favourite Sunday ♥

This outing was back when I just started work with one of my babe who just came back from Melbourne & I was too busy/tired on weekdays to meet up with her so we had a Sunday outing instead. Woke up that morning & headed for breakfast with the parents @ Hutong Food Court, Lot 10. It was newly renovated, serving one of the few best oldies hawker food stall around Malaysia in a comfy old-school environment renovated by the famous architecture & designer, Yuhkichi Kawai. Personally, I think that this places are suitable for people like my mom who love good food but more important, who loves a nice environment (clean, with air-cond, newly renovated, nice furnitures, etc.) then you should give it a try. I personally prefer to eat these food back at their original stalls, right beside the big smelly drain, dark alleys with rats running below your feet, half-broken down shop-houses, old ceramics bowls & plates, I don't know why, it just enhances the feeling & the taste of the food some how! But of course, some of my friends complain that it also raises your chances to get food poisoning but oh well, the choice is yours =]Didn't took my camera with me so I didn't really manage to capture any pictures while I was there but I'm sure if you google on Hutong Food Court, you will come up with lots of blogs & websites regarding this new hot spot. I found an image through google which I uploaded on top which practically is an introuction to Hutong, good job to the one who edited it =] Anyway, my breakfast consist of the famous Mo Sang Kor's Bak Kut Teh [origin from Klang], popiahs from Campbell Mini Popiah [origin from Lorong Tiong Nam], beef noodle from Soong Kee's [origin from Jalan Tun Tan Siew Sin], their famous Tau Foo Fah & Siew Pao & last but not least, a must try & also one of my all time favourite, the Kim Lian Kee's charcoal-fried Hokkien Mee♥ [origin from a road-side stall @ Petaling Street]! One of my best Sunday brunch for sure, all the Malaysia delicacies so give it a try one day when you're at Bukit Bintang area. A little grocery shopping at my favorite supermarket, Isetan after the brunch & headed back home waiting for Chris to fetch me for my next session.
Headed to Palate Palette @ Changkat BB & I think I fell in ♥ with this charming place. So it was a Sunday & they are like having some sort of junkyard sale behind & on the 2nd floor of the place. Then you can buy little books of coupon (it sells for RM 50 each & there's coupons worth RM 55 in it), which reminds me of my high school fun fair/open day! You can use the coupons for drinks, fresh hot dogs & burgers from the grill, chicken wings, corns, nachos, cup cakes, all the Sunday/picnic food I put it!
Picture with my babe who finally flew her ass back here to KL, Miss Amelia Ho ♥ Guess it would be the same-old-line-"See you in Melbourne" soon again!
My choice of drink for the day, the sad news is, I can't use the coupon for Hoegaarden so it was Heineken then!
Then Kim suggested we had wine instead & we went ooooooooo, guess we are indeed a whole bunch of alcoholics but what's better than wine & finger food on a warm Sunday?? *Wine♥♥♥*
Nachos & dips anyone??
Then Kim decided to take a pic of Chris in a tiny stool beside a huge chair, it looks like those chairs that lifeguards sits on the poolside to me. Well that reminds me of Bay Watch.....
The 2 crazy friends, Amelia & Mac ♥
Ali & Kim.
Then they decided to go rude on us because we was talking about hmmmm *secret*
Me, Amelia, Mac & Behzad aka Mac's little brother.
We were all trying to take a normal picture but some joke came up..
Still trying to gather ourself up..
But Amelia is still looking silly posing with a cigaratte..
And then Kim & Chris join in the picture..
And so does Behzad to make Ali feeling left out =D
The two girls licking off the cream off the cupcakes, it looks really really wrong at there. I'll definitely vote for Kim if any cream company needs someone for their ads =D
After a 2nd bottle of wine, bbq chicken wings & drumsticks, corns, cupcakes & hot dogs, we decided we are still hungry & ordered their chicken balls & it was too hot, you can see it from Amelia's expression...
The two ergh... bitches? But I ♥ thems lots.
And the lovebirds ♥
And Mac got thirsty, there was insufficient cups of waters that he decided to drink it from the ice bucket! Ewww, Mac, you definitely need some hygiene lessons! Headed back to Mac's crib after that for another round!
Found this interest pipe at his place, a blowpipe if I'm not wrong *forgive me, I have a bad memory* & he demonstrate me how to use it! There's a few polystyrene boards at the other side of the wall with......
...Oh well, I decided to give it a try!
And I ♥ it! Managed to get a head shot once too! Should get one when I go Sarawak *another thing to put into my To Buy list*
The amazing view from his balcony.
Did I mention that's a two floored penthouse? One word to describe the place, awesome!
So we started to chill with Carlsberg Special Brew & a "toilet bowl". Me still wants Hoegaarden!!
Then while the guys was busy exchanging silly stories, I saw this!!!
Wondering if I can make a wish on it??? Its just so beautiful ♥♥♥
And then I saw this! I tell you, it looks exactly like a frigging BUS but its running on WATER! I still think its a bus...
And Mac start showing off his leg hairs because our conversation topic was about hair & hmmmmmm at that time..
Posing with the bottle...
After a few bottles, we moved back to the living room. Switched on some really nice songs with Chris trying to play the guitar along. Or the bass? Idk.
Looking really pro..
Silly Mac still puffing away.
Behzad decided to join us in the living room.
I did a little camwhore while we waited for Ali to bring us more booze.
Going emo because Mac was ignoring me? Or was I bugging him to go get us our pizza delivery??
A happy girl because he finally acknowledged me.
Camwhore will the huge ass mirror on the living room wall.
Me & Chris...
Me & Mac with Chris at the side. Oh, and Ali's reflection on the mirror too!
The 2 brothers talking about God-knows-what...
And I wonder why does a house have to have two phones right beside each other. Mark my words, according to Mac, both phone are connected to the same number. We ended the night with more beer & Dominoes pizza. It was a good Sunday. An awesome one ♥ The only sad news was I got to work on the following morning =[


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