Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When my brother & I were young ♥

Mark my words, today date is the 12th January 2012 & this day will definitely be remember as one of my top 10 ranking worst day of my life. And yes, I'm serious, I'm not trying to be funny or over-dramatic or what-so-ever......
So one of the bad news is oh well, my laptop died on me. When the cord is plugged in, electricity is unwilling to flow through it, its like I'm feeding a vampire*my baby lappie* with ribena*the electricity current*! Had the technician/web-designer/colleague Ah Wei to have a look at it for me & he said that there's something wrong with the hole/plug area & advised me to sent it back to the Asus service centre which will take at least 2 weeks to fix it. Don't be surprise if you are to see me M.I.A for a few days then reappear then M.I.A again! Depressing betul ni.....

Came home after work & the only choice is to use my old desktop which is now reallocated to my brother's room for my parent's use. Was so boring that I ended up going through the old files & I found this really cute pictures, well pictures when I was young taken with my brother. I scanned it into the computer back then during September for the wedding purpose. I'm definitely not the pretty or cute kind of baby, but its me, so if you are interested, have a look. And it got my mind thinking back to some old stuffs....
Taken on the 1990. Was about a year old at that time? As I look at the picture, I start wondering what will be going on in my brain at that time of my life! What would I spend most of my time thinking about, worrying about or happy about at that period of time. That will be a question that I'll never have the answer to but whatever it is, I'm sure its much much better than what's on my brain these days. My brother♥ must be around 5 at that time & from the stories I heard, he♥ uses to pinch me & hit me behind my parents back. He♥ was jealous because he was the only son for 4 years & suddenly *pop* here comes my appearance, which of course means that he♥ had to share my parents loves & affection with someone else known as me ♥
Chinese New Year in the 1991. That was before our house was renovated. The smile I saw on my own face at that time, oh what a smile! A smile of pure happiness that come straight from the heart with no lies or hidden stories behind the eyes. There's no need to be fake or to act happy because life was really good at that time. How I wish I could just hop on to a travelling time machine & return to the past! Lol.. I'll leave that for my dream perhaps =P? I guess not much had changed between me & my brother♥ at that time. We still fight as often as we can & he still whacks me till I cry as loud as I can. We was never the perfect brother♥ & sister. We even had fights that broke the door, broke the glasses, or ended up with injuries & scratches & bruises here & there all over our body. Guess we were never the peaceful kind eh =P?
What about now then??

My brother♥ & me, our love♥ stronger than ever & its one of those relationship where the love never ever stop growing. Now me likey that kind of relationship =) We realize the ultimate simple truth, that we only will have one another as siblings for our whole life & we are actually so much like each other that we understand each other perfectly well & how we could live in the civillized, loving way instead of hurling stones & poisons at each other all the time. This picture was taken on 2009, while I was at Melbourne. I realize that my life long wish *ok, I might be a little over here, definitely not life long, but it was my childhood dream because I yearn for his love so much at that time* of having his love & affection & care was granted. His love is one of the very few unconditional ones that I'll ever receive in my life. Being there for me when I really need him, showering me with happiness even if it cause him sorrow behind, putting my needs infront of his, never ask questions but believe me for who I am, lending me a hand when I falls, loving me when I ever need love. You're one of the most precious gift that God had given to me, and we are both of course, the lifelong present that our parents had given to both of us.

Given another choice for another brother or sister, I'll definitely still choose you. I ♥ you more than words can say, Edward Cheng "Garfield" ♥♥♥

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