Monday, January 25, 2010

Korean Sensation ♥

Me and my idiotic, stupid, moron, beloved bastard who pandai pandai flew back all the way from Melbourne for only frigging 17 days decided to put our Korean dinner plan in motion, which must be two Thursday back *ergh I just know its his last Thursday @ KL, I'm bad at keeping track of time, like how I messed up Tommy's farewell/house-party between yesterday & next Sunday*. Was planning to bring him to the one I always dine in SS2 but I'm sad to say that the food quality is getting worse for the time being so it my next choice would be Daorae @ Taipan which I usually dine in at during noon because I'm too lazy to be too far off from Sunway or getting stuck in a jam *I still remember the breakfast me & honey had there. Lol. Fond memories I have there..* So off we headed to Taipan where we first stopped at the balloon shop for party needs for Sook Lee's birthday tomorrow. Being the organiser while working another full time job is indeed hectic! Spend some time fooling in the party shop then decided not to drive like Malaysians but walk like the Aussies from the balloon shop to the restaurant *it's really quite far* & now the bastard can announce in a loud & proud voice "I walked in USJ before!"
Introducing Ke-en-ri-ii-Lo-oh ♥ Passed by a kuih-muih stall outside the restaurant & he wants some Malay kuih so there he is, trying to ergh lick it off?
The 2 of us ♥ Am missing him much.. All the heart2heart talk & also of course, our all-nonsense-crap-吹水-session.
The drink of the night! Soju!! Too bad, there's no "Chamisul" *hope I didn't spell it wrong* They only have "Chum-Churum"! Alcohol + nicotine sticks+good food, that made my night =D
The amazing friend trying to pour me a shot when I have work next day. I miss our drinking session with all those drinking game we play back when we was at Melbourne. Argh!!
All the finger-licking side-dishes "ban chan" they serve & its definitely the first time trying shell-thingy-aka-see-hum korean style ==" First them they serve it =="
BBQ Korean! One of my favorite food ♥ 1st dish, bbq pork "dolsot sam gyup sal"
Kenry's favorite & must have all the time, "sundubu chigae" & apparently this is one of the toughest one to cook because the sauce required by this soup is really hard to get!
My favorite bbq beef "bulgogi"
And on-the-house steamed egg =] I wonder what he was doing back then, looks like he was carving the egg or something ==" Concentrating to the max with the oh-so-serious-look on his face!
And I camwhored when my favorite friend went ot the washroom..
Poser betul. Blame it on the alcohol effect =X
Spotted coming back!
Another camera-whore. He definitely ain't afraid of posing for the camera. That's my boy =D I still remember the time when we was walking on Swanston Street, how you taught me to light up ciggie for the statue. Woots!

That was the last night I saw him. Can't wait to plan my next trip to Melbourne during the winter =P Korean food anyone? My korean-food-kakis are leaving one by one!!!!!!!!!!!

A lil' message for my oh-so-dear Kenry Lo: First things first, make sure you get your job as the bubble-tea-maker/seller so that when I'm there I can have bubble tea with lots & lots & lots of bubblesss in it ♥♥ And I guess its time for both of us to work hard on our studies, no more fooling around, we wasted enough time =] We definitely had our share of fun! And I'm going to miss you like mad again since you're not here, although we don't see each other everyday but its truly comfortable to know you are nearby when I want to talk to you you know? And not to forget cheaper telephone rates.. Whether its kimchi or "xiao-long-bao-小龙包" or Taiwan-sausage you like, just go for it, do what it takes to makes you happy. Lol. Sometimes, its good to let the hurtful past be past & the important part is, lesson learnt! Don't go repeating the same mistake twice, the 1st time it happens, it can be an accident, the 2nd time it happens, you still can be considered not careful enough, but the 3rd time it happens, you're being plain stupid, the 4th time, you're foolish & oh well the 5th time, you are just plain "bak-chi". So I guess its time for both of us to get a grip on our life & let's pre-toast to being success in the future, whether its family, friendship, studies, career or/and relationship. I truly miss you a lot my friend ♥

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