Friday, January 22, 2010

Japanese food, please ♥

Must had been 2 weeks back, headed back to Sunway after work for dinner with my babe Evonne, my kitten Andrew & Boi for dinner. Was craving for Japanese food during work hence I ask them to meet me up at Zen @ Sunway Pyramid. And it was time for me to meet the newly coupled love birds, Andrew & Evonne. Guess they finally got together after so long & if you guys had me on facebook, you guys could click into the video on how they got together. It was a long story, a dare kiss, but still, oh well, as long as its happy ending I guess =] The boys tagged me in the video so it should be there. Or if you happen to be in Asia Cafe that night, I guess you would had heard all the noises.

Zen's one of my favorite Japanese Restaurant, but of course, the ultimate top favorite would had to be Benkay @ Nikko Hotel ♥♥ Used to come here often back when I was staying @ Monash Condo.
Decided to pamper myself with good food & drink. Asahi♥, one of the Japanese dry beer. I still remember there was once San ordered a cocktail here & it taste totally haywire. Lol... Memories.. Sigh....
Me likey salmon sashimi. They cut it really thick there & its so fresh. Yummm. Apparently my babe had the same idea in mind, she ordered one *poor Andrew who loves salmon but due to skin complicacies he's not eating any* & when Boi reached later, he decided to have one too!
Another appetizer which I always ordered *it surprises me that Evonne & I have practically the same likings, its my 1st time having Jap food with her kies?* Agedashi Tofu ♥
Evonne's dinner for the night, chicken something, egg something, rice something. Lol.
Kitty's Unagi set =]
And my Teppanyaki Sirloin♥♥♥ Me ♥ beef very very very much ♥
The late comer, Boi! Taking a slow sip on his Miso soup in a stoned mind I guess =P
Introducing the just-coupled-love-birds, my pet & my babe ♥
And my very very good listener, Boi
My kitty is throwing cock stares to the camera, must be due to him not having any salmon at all!
My sleeping partner @ Sunway. I'm practically living in her room when I was having finals. I missed all the long talks & silly little things we did eh? And one more thing, she's becoming an alcoholic like me soon! Woots!!
Boi who looks the camera attention..
So is my glass of finished Asahi ♥
And a big kiss for my mom's little sleeping baby *Its really cute.. Its a music box actually, just turn the chain thingy & some lullaby will be played & the baby will just sway left to right, right to left*. Random betul.

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