Sunday, January 17, 2010

To do the right thing or to do the happy thing?

Hello peeps! Like the last weekend, I disappeared from the blog for thie weekend too. Had been a really long tiring weekend to me. There's so much to do, organised for Sook Lee 21st birthday which went really well *well I hope that's how it turned out to be anyway for the attenders*, headed down the Melaka for Juice 21st birthday & had really long talk with a few friends. And of course, the red wine night most not be forget. A thousand thanks for that even though you're not feeling really well. Oh, & I'm feeling really really sick now. Too tired I guess. Spend the Sunday sleeping & watching series at home. Trying to get much rest.

Wanted to upload many pictures but I realize most of them is in my lappie which is currently spoil (T_T) Not much pictures taken this weekend either because my camera ran out of battery after Sook Lee's birthday & I wasn't home for the whole weekend to charge it either. Just got to wait for a few pictures here & there from the others. It's Monday tomorrow again, uh uh, time for work again!! Bahhhh...... I just feel like sleeeeppiinnngg the whole day away....

Before I forget *which I really did forget & reedited it*, I wanna send my birthday greetings & more important, my love, to 3 very good friends of mine, Sook Lee, Mark & Juice! Happy birthday boys & girls, you 3 are now legal & free to do what you want! Oh wait, there's an exception in this 3 *wink*. So for the other 2, let's get the party started! WooHoo!

Oh, and a question to be pondered. Its been on my mind since this morning after the long talk with Boy at 5 in the morning. Lol.

To do the right thing or to do the happy thing?

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