Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super rawsome weekend ♥

This weekend happens 3 weeks back & it definitely hit one of my best weekends. Many of my beloved was back, no dramas, no fuss, nothing bad. I want more weekends like these pleaseeeee? *praying hard* And the best part *or maybe not* is I took a day off work on Friday because one of the beloved is only back for 3 days & free on the day itself. And I could sleep in till noon for the weekday hence the weekend started on my Thursday night, which was the night I went spoiling myself *& fattening myself* with the Japanese food with my babe & kitty which I had blogged on a seperate post here.

Woke up after sleeping for more than 12 hours, showered, laze around the house, doing nothing much & after preparing myself, I sat waiting for Nen like a moron *was a lil' pissed off at 1st but after hearing his explanation, oh well, I'm fine* so I decided to camwhore lar sikit.

Smiley face ♥
Chu ♥♥
Since Nen was sick, I decided its better for him to get more rest first so I headed to La Bodega @ Pavilion to meet up with my beloved Kenry Lo for wine session. He was craving for a particular red wine *which I ended up falling in ♥ with* & I was craving for ANY red wine *yes, red wine is my life*. Looking at this picture is making me miss him again =C
Choice of food on me, decided to spoil myself even further with foie gras on baguette ♥♥♥
Choice of wine on him, picture too dark but its a medium-bodied-Spanish-wine & it taste really good at a surprisingly low price!
And there's this cute lil' bull at the bottle's neck, dangling there!!

Down the bottle of wine & headed to Zouk to meet up with Nen & Ken & Frenes *there's seriously too much Ken in my contacts* where the sick boy is awake & heading towards to.

The ergh-a-lil-psycho-brothers ♥
Ken & Nen
♥ Frenes, Ken, Nen & Cristine ♥
The only one missing from the picture will be Tung Tung *Ken & Frenes's baby daughter* Maybe we should seriously consider Zoo Negara & Butterfly/Botanic/Bird Park as our next trip weih.
As usual, they do silly stuffs where both of them understand well enough.
And Ken's shoe. Seriously, he's entering camp next month & I'll be in Hong Kong at that time. Argghh. For 2 years? Going to miss him like mad, all of us never realize that this "fun" talk would ended up as reality eh? Work hard Ken!
And I seriously had no idea why would Ken look so fierce. By that time we had left the mainroom & enter to Phuture & I guess it must be the R&B pissing him off.. Or maybe the crowd..
The long-time-no-see-friend, Ken *another one..* spinning for the night =]
The crowded dancefloor which make us run back to mainroom & the moment we stepped into it, the progressive & house makes us into happy children again ♥
Dropped by at Velvet to find Kim. And a random guy from Aussie too where we spend time talking about Australia. Eeeks. Me wanna go back there soon to see my friends, family & coming-soon-niece!
Headed yamcha with my Subang peeps after at Banana Leaf @ Centrepoint. Practically everybody was there. Lol. Evonne, Andrew, Tiong, Juice, Boy, Julian, Mark, Ming Yu, Jee Sern, Ashley, etc... Too many to be listed.
I miss this buddy of mine larh. His sleeping time now completely opposite of mine, the chance of meeting him is so-so-so slim! Mark Tan, if you're reading this, you promise to find me for lunch weih!! Wake up!!
Was planning to do some other stuff but, oh well, ergh better leave it this way. We was trying to be wicked & create a fuss for him maybe? Ended up lim teh till like 5ish or 6ish in the morning? Bed time!

Woke up on Saturday, had some stuff to do during noon & dropped by at One Utama later for quick-bite/late-lunch with Kim & some of her friends in one of my favorite restaurant, BBQ Plaza. Shopped for a few dress after that ♥ Shoooppppiinnggg.. I got a whole list more of things I need to get, anyone in for it?

Me & Kim

Headed back to Subang after, dropped by at Yang's saloon after & had a quick talk with him & Angel. Next round, Zouk *again..* to meet up with Ken *the 3rd Ken in a single post*. Yesh, he's back to KL for a month from South Africa & is currently dominating Pacman @ OUG again *Just had breakfast with him this morning, where he had been awake for the whole night in his Pacman again!!*
Introducing you my notti baby boy ♥ *oh wait, it was 2 years back or maybe 3?* Once was baby boy then. Lol.
One of my very good listener, Sam! Definitely one of the friends to talk to when I need advice or someone to listen to me go yaadaa yaadaa yaaaaadddaaaaaa..
The appointed "photographer" of the day, holding mine & another girl's camera, Benny!
Me & newly single Samantha. She's way much better now compared when I first knew her years ago, where she always seem down & stressed-up in a way.
The 3 of us who danced the night away at the over-crowded dancefloor which make us run away from it after 30 minutes & never returned!
Grumpy me. Must be because I have no alcohol & she have one ♥
Ken♥ Me♥ Samantha♥
Sam' *look damn cool right* & Ben'
Spot the Dj for the night? Yesh, its Ken again ==" Guess he's working in Zouk full time now. Lol!
Pictures courtesy from the other camera, according to Benny, this picture Ken looks like he's some superstar with all the "fans" flocking to him, asking for signature!
And I have no idea why I took this picture, or what I'm supposed to be doing at that time!
Damn cool right this picture, like they are picking some fight or something. Sam & Bao!
The husband & wife. Always so lovey-dovey♥
Some other random shot.
Only one guy was sober enough to realize a picture is being taken!
Part of the crazy OUG group ♥
Another shot of me & Ken. Am going to miss him much when he's back to SA but wait, he gets to watch World Cup this year! Unfair!
It was 3 when this shot was taken but as you people can see, its still so crowded! Nobody wants to end the night! Headed back to Murni after that to join some friends for supper & bumped into Mark, Ming Yu & Ashley again ==" Such a small world. Headed back to the crib after that, had some long talk while fooling around & a very very very good night of sleep. Missing those nights.

Woke up the next day, same routine, Old Town for our breakfast/lunch/high-tea at 5ish in the noon & more long talk. Drove all the way to Midvalley to meet up with Ken again at night for dinner with his family. Get to meet Stacie, she's all grown up compare to the last time I saw it. Overall, the weekend was superb. Can't wait for another one of these amazing weekends ♥

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