Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Megan Fox, the new face for Emporio Armani's underwear line.


Came across this freshly out of oven pictures *well for me anyway* of Megan Fox in Armani's underwears! Woots!!!!! Decided to upload it as well. I'm being over-obsessed with Megan Fox today. Maybe its a way for me to de-stressed? Hmmmm =]
Oh my oh my *drooling*
Me likey it a lot!

I'm not the kind of girl who go Oooosss & Ahhhhssss oveer superstar & model but besides Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox is definitely the one that makes my eyes go wide everytime I see her and apparently, she's the new face signed by Emporio Armani's Spring/Summer 2010 Underwears' line [and the jeans too apparently] Woots! Thumbs up for both the actress & the company. She's practically oozing sex-vibes/hormones out of every pore on her body *now I start sounding like a horny school boy =="* So I was looking for pictures of her & they are just so irresistable that I decided to share with my sweet stuffs & of course, my horny boy friends!

So.. Boys *or girls even in my case*, get your napkins out & start drooling over all it. Woots. Nose bleed is a little over though =D
Introducing you the new face of Emporio Armani's Underwears, *too too too too* Megan Fox!
She's to replace Victoria Beckham, who was previously modelled for Armani along with hubby, David Bekham who is now replaced by Christiano Ronaldo but Megan Fox would not be having any shots together with him. *who cares about Christiano Ronaldo anyway? Brain, eyes, body's still on Megan Fox & her sexy...*
Even when she's dressed, she's just plainly irresistible! What about with a little less clothing woots?! *Take a deep deep breath*
"There once was a little girl who never know love until a boy broke her HEART"
Yummylicious babe
And she gets wilder *but of course, I try not to remind me of her bloody puking tar-like-thingy-scene in Jennifer's Body!*
Something sweet & simple perhaps =P
And a little younger design?
Can't wait to see all the shots for the billboards & magazines & ads! Definitely a good kick shot for the morning woots! Eye candy. Brain candy. Whatever candy. She's just ooooooo... And ahhhh...

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