Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sweet dream & nightmares. I want neither one.

I bet my friends would agree with me if I'm to say "Sleep is one of the most important thing to me, I can go on for days, doing nothing much beside sleep & eat." since they had been laughing at me since forever about my sleeping and/or eating habits =] So I was twitting with Ashley this morning when she told she had a weird dream. It got me thinking about dreams & of the few conversations I had with some of my friends regarding it. I'm someone who dreams quite often, whether its really sweet ones or really scary ones. I have friends who takes dreams as nothing, just some meaningless-crappy-routine they undergo when they sleep. Some friends of mine, take dreams as indication to something, especially those have clear memories of what they dreamt of. A few rare friends of mine, well, they told me they can go on without dreaming for a few years but everytime they dream, something is meant to happen but of course, its not related to the dream itself. Uh uh *now I that definitely doesn't want that*. Imagine you're 21 years old & you only dream for 5 times throughout your life. Personally, I dislike dreaming, whether its sweet dreams or nightmares. You might be wondering why not if its sweet dreams?"If the dream is really good, why not huh? Since it makes you happy even when you're sleeping." Nope, its still a no-no thing for me. When does a dream is defined as a "sweet dream"? For me, it either remind me of some really good memories or I'm dreaming of the things I wanted so much & finally have it *whether its relationship, friendship, family, money, etc.* Of course, while I'm sleeping & dreaming of all these, it filled me with so much joy that I think I would practically be smiling in my sleep. But what happen when I woke up from the dream? It brings me back to the reality where the dream is just nothing more than a dream, an act, a thought, etc. and makes me realize what I don't have or wanted to have but never have. If its a good memories, it just reminds me of how happy I was back then, making me wishing I could turn back time or something & of course, that could never happen *not for now anyway* I think its quite common to hear people saying "How I wish I never woke up, that was such a good dream." but of course, if you never wake up, it either means you're dead or you're in some deep shit, coma or some sort of thing. They say dreams are always made up of things you always think about when you're awake, consciously or sub-consciously, it makes no difference, you will still end up dreaming about things that's always in your mind but maybe just in a different way.Nightmares huh? I have plenty of them. I don't know if many of you people feel this, but whenever I'm in a nightmare, I know that its a nightmare myself & often I struggle to wake up but its a really hard work, believe me. For superstitious Chinese, its often known as "there's a ghost lying on top of you" & of course, if I choose to believe that idea, its getting really scary. For the time I manage to wake up, I always ended up sweaty, emotional weary with tons of ugly thoughts running in my mind. Most of the time, I'll jump down from the bed, run to the switch to switch on the lights & get back on my bed, eyes wide open for the rest of the night. When I say nightmares, I don't only mean dreams thats related to scary ghost or monster, I mean dreams that brings out things you're afraid deep down, thigns you're happen to face or even think of when you're awake, or it could just simply be some really bad memories where you keep hidden in a corner of your brain & never wander near it.

Either one, sweet dreams or nightmares, it just leaves me & my brain feeling weary the following day since the brain couldn't have enough rest, its still working on full mode even when I'm sleeping & of course, physical wise, I feel the weariness too. At times, I have dreams that means nothing to me & after a few months or years, when I do something or visit some place, the deja vu feeling is there. Now that is something strange & unexplainable =] I'm someone who think dreams mean something because its one of the access point to your subconsicous *or even unconscious* side but of course, given a choice, I would always choose a night that I could get some good sleep free from any dreams. Dreamless night, I know it sounds dull & bad, but I just want to be more realistic as in I would chase my own dreams *not the sleeping ones*, my own aims, with my hands & legs & achieve it in reality, making it a truly dream-come-true but oh boy, its never easy, that's for sure.

So what do you guys think huh =P?
Loves (''.)

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